The following speakers lectured at PharmaLab 2022.

Shifaa Abdin, Hannover Medical School, Germany.
PhD Candidate Applied Stem Cell and Translational Macrophages Research.

Dr Wilfried Ablain, Microbs, France. CEO.

Dr Liliana Alleri, GSK, Italy. Analytical Science and Technology.

Dr François Baglinière, Microbs, France. Ingénieur microbiologiste et validation de méthodes.

Dr Karl-Heinz Bauer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany. Head of Strategic Quality Management & Culture.

Dr Stefanie Bayer, Labor LS, Germany. Director Molecular Development.

Maria Luisa Bernuzzi, Fedegari Group, Italy. R&D Manager.

Ulla Bondegaard, NovoNordisk, Denmark. Specialist.

Dr Carsten Börger, Valicare, Germany. Senior Project Manager.

Allen Burgenson, Lonza, USA. Associate Director, Global SME Testing.

Dr Chris Burgess, Chairman of the ECA Analytical Quality Control Interest Group and Member of the USP Expert Panel on Validation and Verification.

Dr Martine Caroff, LPS Biosciences, France. Chairwoman and CSO.

Dr Lucia Ceresa, Charles River Laboratories, Italy. CRL.

Dr Anne Sophie Cottard, Yposkesi, France. Responsible of method validation and Analytical Life Cycle Management.

Sinead Cowman, Lonza, Ireland. Associate Director Strategy & Marketing - Informatics.

Dr Ruth Daniels, Janssen, Belgium. Senior Scientist Microbiology CoE.

Dr Sven M. Deutschmann, Roche, Germany. Member of the EP Expert Group & Chair of the Pharmaceutical Microbiology Working Group.

Dr Inanc Deger Erserim, Thermo Fisher, Germany. Senior Product Specialist NGS.

Corinne de la Foata, bioMerieux, France. R&D Senior Manager.

Carmen Marín Delgado de Robles, Hoffmann-La Roche, Switzerland. QC Scientist Microbiology.

Dr Miriam Dormeyer, Sartorius, Germany. Application Scientist.

Anne Claire Erba, Merck, France. Senior Scientist.

Dr Joachim Ermer, Ermer Quality Consulting, Germany

Parsa Famili, Novatek International, Canada. President & CEO.

Dr Markus Fido, MFI Bio-Consulting, Austria. CEO.

Dr Dmitry Fridman, Miltenyi, Germany. Global Product Manager.

Dr Anja Fritsch, Confarma, France. Chief Scientific Officer.

Simon Gaderer, VelaLabs, Austria. Head of Ligand Binding Assay Group.

Maria Gajewi, Microcoat, Germany. Project Leader.

Stefan Gärtner, Labor LS, Germany. Head of Department - Sterile Products Rapid and Alternative Methods.

David Guy, ACC, UK. European Sales Manager.

Olivia Halamoda, Labor LS, Germany

Dr Sabine Hauck, Leucocare, Germany. Vice President Research & Development.

Dr Ulrike Herbrand, Charles River, Germany. Scientific Director Global in-vitro Bioassays.

Dr Ralf Hess, Entourage, Germany. Principal Project Consultant.

Dr Alexandra Heussner, Vetter, Germany. Head of Laboratory.

Yasmin Heynen, Labor LS, Germany. Biological Laboratory Technician.

Jordi Iglesias, Charles River Laboratories, Spain. Technology and Market Development Manager.

Dr Pieta IJzerman-Boon, MSD, The Netherlands. Principal Statistician.

Marina Jorge Miranda, Tentamus Pharma & Med, Germany. Deputy Head of Cell- and Immune Analytics.

Sidonie Karlsson, Amniotics, Sweden. Production Manager.

Flavio Kawakami, Convatec/ISPE, Portugal. ITQA Lead. GAMP CoP Chair (vol.).

Jan Oliver Karo, Paul-Ehrlich Institut, German Federal Agency for Vaccines and Biomedicines.

Dr Anne-Grit Klees, Merck, Germany. Lead Expert, Product & Portfolio Manager BioMonitoring / Environmental Monitoring Franchise.

Mareike Klingler, Tetec, Germany. Technician Quality Control Microbiology / Sterility testing.

Dr Michael Kracklauer, Microcoat, Germany. Manager Endotoxin Services.

Dr Timo Kretzschmar, Insolve. Senior Consultant / Projektmanagement .

Dr Philipp Kucera, VelaLabs, Austria. Quality Assurance Officer.

Dr Gertrud Lallinger-Kube, Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany. Bio Process Analytics.

Dr Koen Marijt, MAT Research, The Netherlands. Co-founder & Lead scientist.

Marine Marius, Sanofi, France. Senior Scientist.

Dr Maijke Molenaar-de Backer, Sanquin, The Netherlands. Manager MAT Service Testing.

Dr Thomas Meindl, Labor LS, Germany. Senior Consultant.

Dr Harald Meissner, Morphosys, Germany. Senior Director, Head of Quality Control.

Dr Bechara Mfarrej, Institut Paoli-Calmettes, France. Research and Development engineer, Responsible Person in interim.

Dr Michael Miller, Microbiology Consultants, USA. President.

Jo Milne, Mycoplasma Experience, UK.

Mahsa Mohammadi, Novartis, Switzerland. Senior AS&T Specialist/ Analytics, Launch and Transfer-Larg Molecules.

Dr Isabelle Moineau, AKTEHOM, France. Analytical Leader.

Orm Nieuwenhuizen, Janssen Biologics, The Netherlands. Network Technical Specialist.

Johannes Oberdörfer, Rapid Micro Biosystems, USA. Field Application Scientist.

René Ørving, Novo Nordisk, Denmark. Research Scientist.

Alessandro Pauletto, Charles River Laboratories, Italy. Senior Technical Service Coordinator.

Joachim Post, wega Informatik, Germany. Senior LIMS Consultant.

Dr Dana Quaden, Medace, The Netherlands. Quality Associate GMP.

Dr Mario Ramos, Valicare, Germany. GMP Consultant.

Lukas Renner, Reference Analytics, Germany.Quality Control Specialist.

Dr Tilman Rock, Boehringer Ingelheim Biopharma, Austria. Site Head Biopharma Vienna - SVP at Boehringer Ingelheim.

Sabrina Rottal, VelaLabs, Austria. Application Specialist - R&D and Analytical Development.

Christiana Schnitzler, Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany. Senior Associate Director/Head of Laboratory Mycoplasma.

Dr Gerold Schwarz, Bruker, Germany. Manager Application Support.

Hayden Skalski, Veolia Water Technologies and Solutions, USA. Lead Global Applications Specialist, Product Management.

Shabnam Solati, CTL-MAT, USA. CEO.

Dr Ingo Spreitzer, Paul-Ehrlich Institut, German Federal Agency for Vaccines and Biomedicines. Deputy Head at PEI and Chair EDQM Working Party "Bacterial Endotoxin Test.

Dr Sandra Stoppelkamp, University Tübingen, Germany. Expert MAT Medical Devices.

Assoc. Prof Dr Simon Schulz, Entourage, Germany. Senior Management Consultant.

Dr Mohamad Toutounji, Molgenium, Germany. Principal scientist for ATMP.

Dr Jonas van den Berg, Roche, Germany. Global Quality Manager.

Inge van der Schoot, J&J, Belgium. Senior Scientist Microbiology CoE.

Dr Lúcia Volta e Sousa, Infosaúde - LEF, Portugal. Analytical Development & Validation Manager.

Haidy Wafy, Roche, Germany. Product and Marketing Manager.

Dr Christian Zeine, USP, Switzerland. Senior Manager Scientific Affairs EMEA.