The following speakers will lecture at PharmaLab 2023.

Alya Aldahash, SFDA. Laboratory Expert, development and quality team leader.

Dr Laura Bailac, bioMérieux. Senior Scientist.

Dr Alexander Bartes, Roche. Senior Manager Global Analytical Science and Technology (gASAT).

Dr Karl-Heinz Bauer, Boehringer. Head of Strategic Quality Management & Culture.

Dr Holger Bauer, Merck. Global Analytical Technology Expert.

Dr Stefanie Bayer, Labor LS. Director Molecular Development.

Prof. Dr. Isabelle Bekeredjian-Ding, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines. Acting Director of ZEPAI (Center for Pandemic Vaccines and Therapeutics) and Head of Microbiology.

Ulla Bondegaard, Novo Nordisk. Specialist.

Dr Thierry Bonnevay, Sanofi. Global Microbiology Analytical Expert.

Dr Thuy Bourgeois, EDQM Strasbourg, France. Scientific Programme Manager, European Pharmacopoeia Department.

Dr Annika Böhm, Microcoat. Project Leader.

Dr Peter Brügger, Lonza/MAT Research. Senior scientific advisor.

Dr Christopher Burgess, Burgess Analytical Consultancy. Managing Director.

Luisa Burgmeier, Microcoat. Doctoral Student.

Dr Arnaud Carlotti, Eurofins/Idmyk. President.

Dr Martine Caroff, LPS-Biosciences. Chairwoman and CSO.

Nico Chow, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Dr Gwenaël Ciréfice, EDQM. Scientific Officer, European Pharmacopoeia Department.

Susan Cleary, Novatek International. Director of Product Development.

Sinéad Cowman, Lonza. Director, Strategy & Market Intelligence.

Jean-Francois Dierick, GSK. Strategic Analytical Validation and Lifecycle Lead - Analytical R&D.

Alexander Doppelreiter, Reference Analytics GmbH. CEO/Head of Quality Control.

Sophie Drinkwater, Astra Zeneca. Senior Scientist , New Modalities and Parenterals Development, Pharmaceutical Technology & Development.

Dr Joachim Ermer, Ermer Quality Consulting.

Dr Inanc Erserim, Thermo Fisher Scientific. Senior NGS Sales Specialist.

Dr Christian Faderl, bioMerieux. Project Leader.

Dr Markus Fido, MFI Consulting. CEO.

Alicja Fiedorowicz, Dark Horse Consulting. Senior Consultant.

Dr Manfred Fischer, Fischer Consulting. General Manager.

Mathias Fuchs, Wega. Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Enabler for Agilized Validation Setups.

Dr Hiroki Fukuchi
, Fujifilm. Researcher/Assistant Manager.

Annick Gervais, UCB. Head of Analytical Development Sciences.

Dr Ana Gonzalez Hernandez, GSK. Projekt Manager Global QC.

Dr Rainer Gnibl, Government of Upper Bavaria.

Dr Amanda Guiraldelli, USP. Scientific Affairs Manager.

Matthias Heemskerk, CellPoint, a Galapagos company. Head of Analytical Development.

Dr Alexandra Heussner, Vetter Pharma, Lab Manager.

Dr Sabine Hauck, Leukocare. EVP Corporate Development.

Yasmin Heynen, Labor LS. Molecular Development.

Anke Hossfeld, Merck. Global PM Pharma Development.

Dr Josephine Hubloher, Paul Ehrlich Institut, German Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines.
Postdoctoral researcher and member of the group “Microbiological Safety”.
Specialized on pyrogen testing.

Ruben Huis in 't Veld, MAT Research. Scientist Monocyte Activation Test Specialist.

Jordi Iglesias, Charles River Laboratories. Technology and Market Development Manager.

Patrick Jackson, GSK. Investigator.

Dr Gerd Jilge, Formerly Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma. Retired Head of a Method Development Laboratory.

Annemarie Jordan, Labor LS.

Dr Sascha Karassek, Charles River Laboratories. Scientist R&D Bioassay.

Dr Caroline Kassim, bioMérieux. R&D Bioscience Manager.

Dr Stephan Kirsch, Novartis. Director Scientific Office Analytical Development

Dr Svetlana Kiseleva, Plair. Chief Marketing Officer.

Dr Anne-Grit Klees, Merck. Lead Expert, Product and Portfolio Manager.

Dr Jochen Kolb, BioChem. General Manager.

Dr Timo Kretzschmar, Inosolve. Sen. Consultant (extern).

Dr Oleg Krut, Paul Ehrlich Institute, German Federal Institut for Vaccines and Biomedicines.

Dr Holger Kühn, BioChem. Laboratory Head Microbiology.

Dr Solène Le Maux, EDQM. Scientific Programme Manager in the European Pharmacopoeia Department.

Dr Aline Le Tiec, Novartis. QC and AS&T Head.

Prof Dirk Linke, University Oslo. Section for Genetics and Evolutionary Biology.

Dr Kasia Marciniak-Darmochwal, Charles River Laboratories. Head of Analytical Strategies and Scientific Support.

Marine Marius, Sanofi Vaccines. Sr Scientist / New Vaccine CMC Analytical Leader - Microbiology platform Analytical Sciences Europe at Sanofi Vaccine.

Dr Bob McDowall, R.D. McDowall Limited. Director.

Dr Michael Miller, Microbiology Consultants LLC. President.

Dr Christina Müller, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma. Senior Data Manager.

Dr Olga Müller, Tetec. Head QC.

Kazuo Miyazaki, MiCAN Technologies Inc. Chief Executive Officer.

Dr Tomohisa Nanao, Fujifilm. Assisstant Manager/Researcher.

Jelena Novakovic Jovanovic, Galenika. Microbiology Manager.

Johannes Oberdörfer, RMB. Field Application Scientist.

Lukasz Paciorkowski, A4BBE. CEO.

Dr Nicole Paland, Minerva. Head Product Development.

Alexander Pfülb, Labor LS. Head of Customer Management.

Dr Joseph Pierquin, Redberry. Chief Technical and Scientific Officer.

Dr Ferran Sanchez, Sciex. Market Development Manager, Pharma/CRO EMEA.

Dr Miriam Schönenberger, MBV. Product Manager.

Dr Xaver Schratt, GBA Pharma. Team Leader Global Quality Management. Member of Management Team Site Neuried.

Dr Silvia Scotti, Eurofins Biopharma Product Testing. Senior Project Manager.

Melissa Schülein, Labor LS. Microbiology/Central Service.

Dr Mohamad Toutounji, Molgenium. CEO.

Dr Sebastian Ulbert, Fraunhofer-Institut für Zelltherapie und Immunologie. Deputy Head of Institute Head of Department Vaccines and Infection Models.

Niels Visschers, MSD. Senior Specialist.

Nicolas Weber, Novartis. QC Manager Cell and Gene Therapy.

Dr Veronika Wills, ACC. Associate Director, Global Technical Services.

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