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As an exhibitor at the PharmaLab Exhibition you can choose from various options to present your company as a sponsor. Thus take advantage of this opportunity and become sponsoring partner of PharmaLab 2020.

Are you interested? Then please use the sponsoring form Exhibition sponsoring form (PDF) or send an e-mail to Mr Ronny Strohwald at: strohwald(at)concept-heidelberg(dot)de.

The sponsoring opportunities 2020

NEW PharmaLab App
Present your company in the new app - right on the start page with your logo and a link to further comprehensive information about your company.
Costs: € 3,000.00 plus VAT (exclusive)
€ 1,000.00 plus VAT (up to 3 exhibitors)

NEW Wi-Fi Sponsoring
Sponsor free Wi-Fi forall participants on both days. Home with your logo, login can be individually customized (e.g. your company name as a login, your stand number as a Password)
Costs: € 2.000,00 plus VAT

NEW Mobile Phone Charging Station
Offer a unique service with a mobile phone charging station, increase the number of visitors and duration of time spent at your stand, and directly address potential customers during the recharge time. Alternatively, the charging station (integrated 32 '' monitor with your logo and stand number) can be positioned centrally (for example at the registration).
Costs: € 1.000,00 plus VAT

Lanyards - Promotional name badge Cords (already booked!)
Each Congress delegate will receive a lanyard with your company logo at the registration to hold her/his name badge. (Number on request. The lanyards have to be delivered in due time before the Congress.)
Costs: € 2.000,00 plus VAT

Writing pads and pencils (already booked!)
Writing pads and pencils (with your logo) are distributed in each conference room of the Congress.
(The writing pads and pencils have to be delivered in due time before the Congress.)
Costs: € 1.500,00 plus VAT

Conference bags (already booked!)
The conference bags provided by yourself have to be delivered in due time before the Congress.
Costs: € 1.000,00 plus VAT

USB Sticks
Each delegate will receive a USB Stick (with your logo) containing all the conference lectures. (Number on request. USB sticks must be delivered by the end of October.)
Costs: € 1.000,00 plus VAT

Your logo on the name badges - (maxium of 2 exhibitors)
(already booked!)
Let your logo accompany all delegates with their name badges.
Costs: € 1.000,00 plus VAT

Your logo on the exhibition plan
(maximum of 4 exhibitors)

Let Put your logo on the exhibition plan to highlight your position in the large exhibition room! The plan will be posted at all central places and at the registration.
Costs: € 500,00 plus VAT

Marking system on the floor (From the registration desk to your exhibition stand)
Lead visitors directly to you stand thanks to markings on the floor (stickers with your logo and your stand number).
Costs: € 1.400,00 plus VAT

Cocktailbar (already booked!)
The Cocktailbar at your stand during the Social Event is only available for a max. of 3 exhibitors.
Costs: € 1.000,00 plus VAT

Advert in the GMP Journal
Take also advantage of the opportunity to present your company in the GMP Journal with an ad. The Journal is released twice a year and distributed to all the participants of a Concept Heidelberg event within the last 12 months. You can be sure that your advert will be put in the right environment and will reach your target group. More information about the GMP Journal can be found at For media data and more information please contact Mr Wolfgang Heimes at heimes(at)