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Virtual Sponsoring

You would also like to present your company, your products or services in the virtual PharmaLab. We also offer possibilities for this. You have an image video of your company? Your latest product for laboratory automation also looks good on film? Or you would like to present an overview of your services.

During the coffee and lunch breaks we have the possibility to show a video, an overview of your services or an automated screen presentation for you and thus provide the conference topics with information about your services.

For each break, we will insert a maximum of one video/presentation, usually shortly before the lectures start again, when the majority of participants are back online.

Costs for one video/presentation (file format: MP4; maximum length: 180 Seconds) per day: EUR 1.000,00 plus VAT
(Already booked!)

There is also the possibility to display your company logo in the livestream at the bottom of the screen.
(Already booked!)
Costs for logo insertion/stream/day (up to 3 companies): EUR 500,00 plus VAT
Exclusive per day : EUR 2.000,00 plus VAT

For details regarding file format, length, resolution, etc. please contact Ronny Strohwald, strohwald(at)concept-heidelberg(dot)de, +49 (0)6221 8444 51