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Registration for the Congress

Your registration for one or for both days entitles you to attend any of the conferences during that day /respectively during the two days as well as to visit the PharmaLab 2018 Exhibition.

PharmaLab Congress and Pre-Conference Workshop ,,1st International Mycoplasma qPCR Testing User Day (optional)"

The visit of both congress days can be combined with the pre-conference on 19.11.2018.

  • PharmaLab Day 1 (20.11.2018):
    € 690,- plus VAT
  • PharmaLab Day 2 (21.11.2018):
    € 690,- plus VAT
  • PharmaLab Day 1&2 (20./21.11.2018):
    € 1.380,- plus VAT
  • Pre-Conference on 19.11.2018:
    € 249,- plus VAT

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PharmaLab Pre-Conference Workshop: 1st International Mycoplasma qPCR Testing User Day

  • Pre-Conference on 19.11.2018:
    € 249,- plus VAT

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Registration as Exhibitor
To register as exhibitor, please download the Exhibitor Registration Form, fill it in and fax it to Concept Heidelberg at +49 6221 84 44 34.

Registration as visitor of the PharmaLab Exhibition
For the free of charge visit of the exhibition please submit the registration form for exhibition visitors.