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First Live Online PharmaLab Congress


PharmaLab Live Online Congress - Track 3 - Analytics


PharmaLab Live Online Congress - Co-Moderation


PharmaLab Live Online Congress - Moderation Endotoxin and Pyrogen Testing

Many had actually been looking forward to the 8th PharmaLab Congress in Neuss Düsseldorf, especially as a whole series of competent speakers had again been confirmed and exciting topics were on the programme. But unfortunately, microbiology in the form of SARS-CoV-2 did not allow a microbiology congress with face-to-face meetings this year.

To still enable participants to benefit from the personal exchange, PharmaLab took place as an Online Congress. More than 40 speakers from Europe and overseas provided comprehensive information in over 50 lectures, in particular in the field of pharmaceutical development, production, quality assurance and quality control - both regulatory and scientific.

In 3 conference tracks and sessions on endotoxin and pyrogen testing, microbiological methods, bioanalytics, chemical analysis and laboratory optimization over 140 participants logged in.

As soon as the date for the congress in 2021 and further information is available, we will inform you as usual on this website.

Particularities of the PharmaLab Congress

  • The registration allows access to the several conferences and lectures. In a word, you can create your individual conference programme.
  • Move any time to any conference. Thanks to one-day tickets, you can attend eather the first or the second day separately - or participate on both days of PharmaLab.
  • You will receive all the conference lectures of the Congress as PDF.
  • Take advantage of the PharmaLab for an information exchange with delegates and speakers.