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PharmaLab Congress

The 10th PharmaLab Congress already took place. The upcoming congress will take place from 20-22 November 2023 in Düsseldorf. Please check back at a later date to find further information.

The Event for all pharmaceutical laboratory areas took place from 21 to 23 November 2022 for the tenth time - finally on site again in Düsseldorf/Neuss. The conferences of PharmaLab 2022 covered various topics and lectures on analytics, bio analytics, microbiology and R&D. Parallel to the conferences,  participants had the possibility to get to know companies exhibiting between the different conference rooms.

The following conferences were part of PharmaLab on 22-23 November 2022:

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The conference language of all conferences was English.
* Please note that the second day (23 November) was held as conference Cells, Tissues and ATMP and Alternative Microbiological Methods.
The pre-conference workshop on Mycoplasma took place on 21 November.

Particularities of the PharmaLab Congress

  • The registration allows access to various conferences and lectures. In a word, you can create your individual conference programme.
  • Move any time to any conference room. Thanks to our one-day tickets, you can attend only the first day or the second one - but also both days of the PharmaLab.
  • Learn about the latest products and services relating to analytics, bio analytics, and microbiology at the accompanying exhibition.
  • Take advantage of the PharmaLab – and particularly of the Social Event on the evening of the first day – for an information exchange with delegates, speakers and exhibitors .

Congress Programme as PDF

Download the complete congress programme as PDF.

Conference Schedules

Get an overview of all lectures - with the PharmaLab 2022 Conference Schedules.
Click on the image and download the complete conference schedules as PDF.

PharmaLab 2022 Conference Schedules