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Rapid Microbiological Methods

8 November 2016


This conference offers you a unique possibility to evaluate the new developments in RMM systems to extend the experiences in validation as well as implementation of these systems in pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore you will learn more about the expectations of authorities and developments in regulatory requirements. Amongst this, experts from laboratory and industry will give an insight view in the routine use of RMM.


  • Regulatory Overview
  • Determination of Microbial Growth by Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Rapid Sterility Test
  • Methods Validation
  • EM and Advanced Sampling
  • Container Closure Integrity Testing


  • Dr David Brückner, F.Hoffmann La-Roche, Switzerland
  • Gilberto Dalmaso, PMS
  • Dr Thomas Meindl, Labor L+S AG, Germany
  • Dr Michael Miller, Microbiology Consultants
  • Dr Jeanne Moldenhauer Excellent Pharma Consulting, USA
  • Dr David Roesti, Novartis, Switzerland
  • Dr Ron Smith, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, USA