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Biosimilars - Case Studies and Practical Advice

8 November 2016


This conference should give you practical examples and guidance, how to develop biopharmaceutical generics, what are the common pitfalls and an inside view in possible approaches for their solution. Speakers from developing and manufacturing companies, supporting laboratories and experienced consultants will share their knowledge with you and discuss the current developments.


  • Expectations for Analytical Characterisation: A Regulator`s Perspective
  • Assessment of biosimilarity with cell-based assays
  • Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Biosimilar Case Study
  • Establishing “Finger-print Like” Biosimilarity - Critical Characterization Steps


  • Dr Markus Fido, Vela Labs, Austria
  • Dr Fiona Greer, SGS M-Scan, UK
  • Dr Ulrike Herbrand, Charles River Laboratories, Germany
  • Dr Hiltrud Horn, Horn Pharmaceutical Consulting, Germany
  • Dr Andreas Nechansky, JHL Biotech, Taiwan
  • Christian Mayer, AGES, Austria